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Under construction!

For any information not on this website while we work on getting it all set up,
check out my commissions and queue Trello!

Hello, and Welcome!

I’m Eagli, an artist who works independently, and mostly within the furry community, to make cute custom artwork and merchandise!

My products range from digital and traditional artwork pieces, to things like enamel pins and acrylic standees. I thoroughly enjoy character design and love opportunities to create fun and unique creatures for any occasion!

Most prominently, I work with Fursona Pins, a company well-known for their hard enamel pins and other merchandise! I create concepts and pin variants for them, alongside being their main lineartist!

I’m currently working hard to start attending and dealing at more conventions, alongside having a more open and available schedule for customs and commissions! Thank you so much for checking out my work, I hope you’re having a lovely day~!