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Terms of Service

General Terms of Service

I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason, and refund a commission at any point in time during the commission process.

If a sketch has been completed of your commission and the commission must be canceled, I will retain 25% of the commission price to compensate for the time put in.

I reserve the right to alter my ToS at any time.

I reserve the right to utilize any completed art for portfolio purposes and examples of my work, as well as post them to my social media. You will be tagged in these posts as the owner of any characters with whatever social media you have or prefer.

I do not send the PSD/Layered Document that I work on unless explicitly requested before the commission is started. This will incur an additional fee.

My art cannot be used for profit unless explicitly discussed with me beforehand.
Should you want to use the work for some commercial purpose (merchandise, advertising, etc.) please let me know, and we can come up with a price for the use, be it a flat payment or royalty fee.

I do not allow for my art to be edited by third parties without permission—I am happy to fix your piece if there is anything I missed.

During creation, I will send a sketch of your piece for approval, before fully finishing the artwork. If you would like to see more progress shots of your work, please let me know before the commission is started.

I offer 2 free edits during the lifetime of the pieces’ creation; 1 edit counts as either 3-4 small changes that are needed (expression, hand position, color issue) or one large one (sketching clothes, recoloring markings).
Once a piece has been approved in its stage (i.e. you approve a sketch), I am not obligated to accept edits on that part of the piece—if the piece is finished and you’d like something changed that should have been brought up at lineart, there may be a fee.

I Will Draw

  • Anthros / Animals of Any Species
  • Human / Humanoid Characters
  • Fantasy Creatures
  • Mild Gore / Body Horror / Eyestrain

I Will Not Draw

  • NSFW Content of Any Nature
  • Content that Promotes Hateful Speech / Ideals 
  • Copyrighted Characters
  • Excessive Gore / Body Horror / Eyestrain

I reserve the right to accept or refuse a subject or concept for any reason

Payment and Completion

All payment is processed through invoices. 

At least half of your total payment is required 48 hours after an invoice is sent out; failure to pay in this time frame forfeits your slot unless we have already discussed and agreed otherwise.

For larger commissions (i.e. anything over $200), a payment plan can be requested and discussed.

A refund can be requested at any time; however, if progress has been made, similar to a cancellation, a 25% fee is deducted from the returned amount. 

Commissions may have a 3 month or later turnaround time, depending on what was ordered.

Commissions are only started after they have been paid for fully, unless discussed otherwise beforehand. 

Please make note if a piece is needed by a specific deadline before payment is sent and work is started. Depending on the time frame, a rush fee may need to be discussed and implemented.

Attempted charge-backs on a completed commission will result in a permanent refusal of service.

By commissioning me, you are agreeing to abide by the terms of service listed above.
Breaking these terms will result in an immediate cancellation of your commission, as well as being blacklisted from working with me in the future.

You will be refunded the full amount for your commission, and I will retain the rights to take any work created and repurpose it as I see fit—all features of your character will be removed beforehand.